"In the last few years UniqueTek has become my goto solution for Dillon Precision specialty tools. Your products are incredible."
Don D
" A big "well done" to your team at UniqueTek. Your customer service, information channels and timing/expediency were outstanding, relative to my recent transactions. You are all A-1. Keep up the great work.."
Capt RHK.
"Awesome folks to deal with. I was able to obtain some 223/5.56 brass for a really great price along with some reloading supplies. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to share trade secrets and help with learning to reload properly. Thanks for the service and I will be back many more times."
Jonny W.

"For some reason my original order did not go through. When I realized this the next morning I was literally reentering my credit card number when “Uniquetek” popped on my caller ID. The rep informed my my order did not go through and took my order over the phone. Great customer service so thank you."
Emmett W.

Hello Lee,

"I'm Carl Villanueva, the person you met with at your company to explain how to reload ammunition. I'm the one who loaded a 30-30 round thinking it was a 308 round. You sat down with me for almost an hour. You went thru the process of where I went wrong with sizing the brass and checking the actual bullet and you taught me quite a bit during that conversation."

"I just want to let you know that I appreciate it so much for you to have taken that time to teach me. I have reloaded over 500 rounds now. Both in 308 and 223. Your taking the time to talk with me made all the difference in teaching me to do it right. With your help and instruction, it has made it so easy and clear as to make sure I was doing it correctly."

"I have even showed my son how to reload and it is all due to your caring enough to take the time to just talk with me."

"Lee, I will always remember you and your caring enough to talk with me when you didn't have to. That to me shows that you and your company really are devoted to reloading and doing it correctly. i just wanted to pass it along that with your help, I am reloading and doing it right and with the passion and care and total understanding of the pride in reloading your own ammo."

"So thank you again so much for your time,caring and expertise in helping to get started and to have the knowledge to show my son how it is done the way it should be and to enjoy this hobby." "You will see me again, to purchase items I need to continue on. Possibly a reloading stage that is not a single stage but a more advanced reloading press that will speed up the process. Once I have a few more hundreds of reload to allow me to be more experienced and confident that I am ready for such a reloading press."

"Thanks again Lee, I will forever remember you and be grateful to you."

"Recieved my adapters [45LC to 22LR] today, tried them out worked great. Thanks for the prompt service it is refreshing in this day and age."
Dennis G. — Thompson Falls, MT

"Hat tipped Lee for a truly “Unique” company. No name could be more fitting than the one chosen."

"I get lots of emails like everyone and much of it is just noise or water running through pipes. But when I look down and see yours-I’m interested!"

"I’m blown away at the realm of creativity and ingenuity your company is centered around and so excited about future offerings that were recently posted. Everything I have purchased from UniqueTek, I just wonder why Dillon didn’t already do it. Then I immediately realize that they are not interested in real creativity but just sales."

"Thanks again for all you do for us out here."
Keith H. — Albany, TX

"Hi Lee,
I received the replacement block today, and it works perfectly. Thanks for helping me out with this. Stuff happens, but you guys made it right. Can't ask for more than that."
Russell W. — Green Cove Springs, FL

"Hello the camp!
Just a quick note of thanks for your superlative customer service. Of note [but little consequence] was my gift to myself at Winter Range each year of 'sumthin'' from your booth, most often a Dillon accessory. Much obliged for your support of CAS and, again, your fine CS.
thx n regards."
Mike W. — Sierra Vista, AZ

"Hi Lee,
I have made many great upgrades to my 550 over the years using your products, Thanks for the excellent products and support!"
Daniel G. — Alamogordo, NM

"Hi Lee,
Thank you for the great customer support recently on the phone with the installation of the foam grip for the roller handles for XL650"s. They installed easier than slick after your install tips. You and UniqueTek are awesome!"
Mike F. — Marstons Mills, MA

"I just wanted to recognize UniqueTek for your great innovation and service. Although I love my Dillon 650, I use several Dillon 650 upgrade products from UniqueTek that are what Dillon should have designed from the start."
The list includes:
- Primer chute
- Foam handle cover
- Primer pocket swage it
- Micrometer powder measure bars
- Die lock ring wrench
"Since I live in Chandler AZ, I go to the store to pick up my items, which has allowed me the honor of meeting and becoming good friends with Ron (the owner) and the crew. If you want to get the most out of your Dillon press, UniqueTek is the place to go!!"
Rick P. — Chandler, AZ

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